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Jenny's Family

Jenny Pang

二女兒 Eldest Daughter

我個人而言,我認為我來自一個好家庭。爸爸主外媽媽主內。從我懂事起, 我记得媽媽平易近人,性情温顺和有勤儉樸实中國傳统教育婦女之美德。


我的大哥十歲的時候,他很淘氣。媽媽要他留宿在校離家15分鐘路程,這樣他就可以學習禮儀和自律。妹妹學法語,媽媽很快就請了中文家教,這樣她也能保留自己的中國文化。關於我,當我的家庭作業做得不好時,媽媽聘請了家教。每年夏末,媽媽會去偉堂書店買文具和筆記本。之後,然後單獨包裝給我們每個人的書本。我們五個人學會了自重, 自愛和自律 是媽媽的爱護與指導.




在我結婚之後。媽媽持别来美二次照顧二个刚出世的女孫,是東成與我感到無限的感激. 當我忙於生計與家中雜事,我會打電話給父母。我會大聲說:“媽咪!”父親會開玩笑地回答:“你需要一个奶嘴?”媽媽再也不能回复我“媽咪”的呼喚了。即使是現在,我也不敢相信我的母親已經走了。但我想我母親的愛和教誨將永遠留存在我们心中。我們都希望她在另一個世界健康快樂。




Don Lee
二女婿 Jenny's Husband




Alice Lee

孫女 Granddaughter

I wish I could have gone to Hong Kong/Macau to visit my grandmother in person, but the Pandemic made things difficult. It’s sad I couldn’t see grandma when I was an adult; I miss and love her very much, she was very kind to us. 


Caroline Lee

孫女 Granddaughter

The biggest thing I remember about grandma is her aura. She had a vitality that coloured your day like seeing flowers on gray winter mornings. Her good humour and kindness sparkled like sunlight on water. It was no wonder that she charmed so many people in her life.

Throughout my childhood, grandma and grandpa would visit my parents, my sister and me in The United States. But they eventually needed to stop for health reasons. I’m so grateful that they flew thousands of miles to come see us.

In May 2018 I went to Hong Kong/Macau, and I had the pleasure of seeing Grandma and other members of the family after over 10 years. Even though I was about 27 years old at the time of that visit, Grandma made me feel so young, like a small child safe in her soft hands. She really doted on me and treated me well. We went shopping together, had Dim Sum, visited her school; we even got our hair done at the salon together. While she was colour-treating her hair, she took one look at my very thick hair clippings on the ground, and said, “You got so much hair, you should give me some! I’ll make a wig!” She made me smile so much during that visit.

Even though Grandma’s soul is resting now, she is still with us. We will keep her safe and warm in the garden of our hearts. And her goodness will continue to shine upon the world like the sun.


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